Alloy Attack Shaft 2.0 – Silver


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The first of many more to come.


This is the base of our company and, if we may say so ourselves, we have started out with a solid foundation.

This shaft is made out of one of the strongest and lightest alloys we could find, which perfected the weight-to-strength ratio. This shaft can take a punch while only weighing 163 grams. Definitely one of the lightest field-shafts on the market today!

It has a solid feeling concaving and a matt finish. This matt finish will make sure your shaft will not become too slippery without having to worry about ripping your gloves. Rip some shots instead.


NOTE: The pictures of this product do not match the logo on the actual shafts. These new shafts have our new logo (just a slight change). The new pictures will be posted soon.

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