Lacrosse in Belgium

The Belgian Lacrosse Federation (BLF) is the governing body of lacrosse in Belgium. Next to their men’s and women’s league, they also have multiple clubs with youth teams. Which is great! Belgium is really doing their part in growing the game in Europe.

We suggest you pay a visit to their website or social media. Also, if you live in Belgium and want to help out the program, don’t be shy and contact them! Together we can grow the game in Europe.

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About youth lacrosse in Belgium

A word from our Alliance member

“Youth lacrosse in Belgium is attracting more and more players from the age of 12. A full boys and girls program has been running for almost two years now and you see their enthusiasm and their growth. The Belgium youth program leaders are very excited to see this and to see how the boys and girls bring friends along to come and try also.

The coaches emphasize mostly on creating a program that is accessible for all levels, where everyone feels comfortable, has lots of fun and share the knowledge they have so the overall level in Belgium will be raised when these youngsters go back to their home teams.

Out of these programs has already grown the U19 women’s team, which will compete in the World Championship in Canada this August.

The U19’s women lacrosse national team, now called the Red Pumas, was created early 2018. Its first challenge was to get together girls from all over the country and get them ready for the 2019 World Cup in Canada.

We believe that focusing our effort on the youth program will set good basis for the development of lacrosse in Belgium. The girls who will be coming back home after the World Championship will be able to share their knowledge and help other players improve. The most rewarding thing about the program is to see these young women grow on and off the field. Lacrosse is bringing so much to them. We want this to be shared with as many people as possible.

Thanks to the youngsters playing, their family and friends, their home team coaches, the Belgian Lacrosse Federation and now Alliance, we can keep the programs going, build a good foundation for lacrosse in Belgium and grow the love for the sport!”


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