Join the Alliance

How do you join the European Lacrosse Alliance?

Joining The Alliance is simple, all you have to do is order something in our shop and you will get your whole country in The Alliance. Every quarter we will randomly pick a country in our Alliance to donate 10% of that quarter’s revenue to. In order to be eligible for the donation, your country has to have a youth development program. If your country doesn’t have a youth development program you can still join The Alliance, but you will not be eligible for the donation. If you are thinking about starting a youth development program and you need equipment, contact us, maybe we can help. So stop wasting your time and start that youth program!

Picking the quarterly winner

We will pick the winner by holding a raffle. After each quarter every member of The Alliance wil gain one extra raffle ticket. When a country wins the raffle they will receive the donation, but lose all their raffle tickets (So the next quarter they will join the raffle with only one ticket). All the other members will keep their raffle tickets so that the next raffle they will have a higher chance to win. This way we try to divide the winners as much as possible. You can find the raffle rules here

What are all the benifits of The Alliance?

Aside from the huge honour it is to be a member of this awesome club, you will be eligible for the donation. Plus as a member, your youth development program, can order our stuff with extra discount! Just send us an e-mail and we will hook you up.

Who is in the European Lacrosse Alliance?

Here you can find the map of Europe. Every country that is displayed in gold is in The Alliance.

Countries that are in The Alliance right now:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Lithuania
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • England
  • Ireland


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