About us

Who are we?

We are Alliance Lacrosse. The first European lacrosse brand that is taking on the big lacrosse companies that rule the market right now.


Why a new lacrosse brand?

We see two big reasons why we need a manufacturer in Europe; costs and rules. As a European lacrosse player it can be expensive to order new gear. You have two options:

1) Import from the US (and pay the import fees, shipping, etc.)

2) Buy online from a European webshop (in this case the webshop owner already paid the import/shipping costs).

In both cases you can double the original price of the products. We started Alliance Lacrosse to offer high quality equipment while maintaining an affordable price.

On top of that, we play according to the FIL rules in Europe. This means that we don’t have anything to do with the NCAA rules, but are strangely affected by it. For instance, there is a big shift happening in lacrosse heads. A lot of the newer heads are focused on the NCAA rules. We don’t play by those rules, so why should we limit ourselves? That’s why we are planning to manufacture heads that are legal to play in European and World Championships. Only those rules matter to us.


What are we doing and what are the plans for Alliance Lacrosse?

At the moment we sell short sticks and long poles. The plan is to expand our offer to goalie sticks and female sticks in the near future. Our goal is to become a big lacrosse brand, so in the future we will also start producing our own protective gear and apparel.


lacrosse sticks

What are the benefits of buying from Alliance Lacrosse?

It is much cheaper to ship products within Europe, rather than import goods from the US. In fact, European customers won’t have to pay import costs at all because there is free trade of goods within Europe. This allows us to offer high quality sticks for a relatively low price.

On top of that, you will be able to join ‘The Alliance’ which will help the development of the game in Europe.


What is ‘The Alliance’ and how will it help the game?

We named ourselves Alliance Lacrosse for a reason. Each quarter we will donate 10% of our revenue to the development of youth lacrosse in Europe. To join ‘The Alliance’, simply purchase one of our products and your country will be eligible to receive the youth development donation. We are a relatively small sport in Europe, which is why we are dedicated to giving back and investing in a sport we all love. Buying from us will expand our equipment range and support your country’s youth lacrosse development. For a complete explanation please check the ‘Join the Alliance’ page.




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