Alloy Attack Shaft 2.0 – Black

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The first of many more to come.


This is the base of our company and, if we may say so ourselves, we have started out with a solid foundation.

This shaft is made out of one of the strongest and lightest alloys we could find, which perfected the weight-to-strength ratio. This shaft can take a punch while only weighing 163 grams. Definitely one of the lightest field-shafts on the market today!

It has a solid feeling concaving and a matt finish. This matt finish will make sure your shaft will not become too slippery without having to worry about ripping your gloves. Rip some shots instead.


NOTE: The pictures of this product do not match the logo on the actual shafts. These new shafts have our new logo (just a slight change). The new pictures will be posted soon.

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1 review for Alloy Attack Shaft 2.0 – Black

  1. Lieven (verified owner)

    Very very happy with the black alloy attack handle. Played nearly 2 seasons with it and the world cup. Decent strength-weight ratio at affordable price. I do face-off with it and my thumb nicely grips into ( one of the four) concave sides of the octagon. The shaft has a clean finish what makes it slide smoothly in your glove. When it rains, or when sweating a lot (World cup Israel) the shaft can feel slippery, however had no problems with it because I have me shaft taped at the but- end and under the throat (of the head for that extra thumb grip when doing face offs. )
    I can recommend this for starting up to semi- pro level of field lacrosse. Not suitable for box.

    • Alliance Lacrosse

      Thank you very much for your review and for taking the time to write one. We are happy that you are satisfied with the shaft. If there are any questions on any given point, do not hesitate to contact us!

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