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Lacrosse sticks by Alliance Lacrosse

When you buy lacrosse sticks from us, you don’t only get a superb quality lacrosse stick for a great price, but you also stimulate the growth of lacrosse!



Attack shafts

  lacrosse sticks attack black        lacrosse sticks attack silver        lacrosse sticks attack gold


Defensive shafts

lacrosse sticks defense black        lacrosse sticks defense silver        lacrosse sticks defense gold



What we do different with our lacrosse sticks

When we started manufacturing lacrosse sticks we decided to do things a little bit different than other companies (read our story here). We wanted to give back to the community that we all love. The way we are doing this, is by donating 10% of our revenue made by our lacrosse sticks (and now also other products) to youth development programs in Europe. The donating goes through something we call ‘The Alliance’ (more info here).

Join The Alliance

You can add your whole country to The Alliance, simply by buying one of our lacrosse sticks or other gear/appearel that we offer. When your country is in The Alliance, you get a shot at winning our quarterly raffle. And the more lacrosse sticks we sell, the more money we can donate to these development programs. You can follow the raffle on our social media pages. So, don’t hesitate and join The Alliance! Let us work together in growing the game.


We are very proud of our gear and products. Everything we sell, is something that we ourselves would use or wear on and off the field. We especially value quality over quantity and we trust our products so much that we give them a six months warrenty period. Within this period we will replace your damaged item with a new one for free. Read more about our warrenty here.









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